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Why Choose Utah Apartment Association to Help Manage Your Rental Home

Posted by administrator on December 2nd, 2015

There are a number of excellent reasons that explain why you should become a member of the Utah Apartment Association. You can take advantage of our resources and our experience for a very affordable cost. In exchange for a small annual fee, you’ll have access to a pool of resources developed over the years by professional rental leaders who have gone before you. Here’s what you can expect.

Membership Materials

  • The Landlord Guide. You will receive this rental guide, which is a comprehensive book on all the laws and best practices you need to know in order to stay out of trouble in Utah.
  • Annual membership directory. This has listings of the best attorneys, vendors, carpet layers and anyone else you might need. It also lists your fellow rental operators so you can network and learn from others.
  • National Apartment Association monthly magazine. When you become a member of the Utah Apartment Association, you’re automatically a member of the national association.  

    Monthly Housing Journal. You’ll get the local monthly magazine as well, which contains information about what’s happening in your city. You’ll learn about new laws the legislature passed, new construction that might be going on and what the average rental rates are in your community.
  • Database of forms. You can access rental agreements and other forms like our 3 Day Notices. We can provide anything you’ll need to keep your tenants compliant with their contract.

Annual Conference

We hold an annual educational conference and trade show every April. This year we have great speakers scheduled – David and Connor who are a father and son team that were our local winners of the Amazing Race. They own rental housing, they are members of the association and they’ll talk about what they learned as contestants on the Amazing Race.


The UAA has 80 years of experience. If it’s happened, we’ve seen it. When you have questions about how to respond to renters or problems, we can help you. We have an excellent understanding of the laws because we helped to write them.

Support the industry that supports you. Thousands of landlords and rental housing operators have supported us so we can change the laws in your favor. Utah has some of the best eviction laws in the country, and that didn’t happen on its own. In Utah we also have good collection laws and limitations on what local municipalities can do. We also have relationships we’ve cultivated with governments, code enforcement officers and city officials. We can make a contact on your behalf any time you need us.

We urge you to become a member and join us. If you have any questions about our work, please contact us at the Utah Apartment Association.

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